About Us

Our Services Are The Best in the Industry


SPS is your dependable solution to all forms of parking management problem. From small enterprises to large-scale facilities, we have the best adaptable programs to suit your needs so you can assure clients and customers the best experience in terms of convenience and safety. Top of the class service is what we offer and what we have been providing to satisfied clients for more than 30 years. With a reputation built on efficient customer-service, highly trained personnel, and expertise in the industry, we bring to every establishment the promise of the smoothest parking operation.

Through the years, this untainted reputation and expertise has brought us a long list of loyal customers, to whom we continue to provide the same level of honest service and support. New and future clients should expect nothing less. “Satisfaction-guaranteed” is not just a slogan but also a practice that we show with diligence, as attested by the business growth that our clients have experienced upon the implementation of our program.

Experience Counts


Parking management covers not only actual parking operations but safety assessment as well. You can rely on us to provide that expertise. Consisting of highly trained and time-tested personnel, the programs we offer you are 100% planned and constructed to meet every aspect of your business. With backgrounds in finance, real estate development, management, accounting, hazard analysis, and more, all your questions will be answered with ideas specifically targeted to your needs. Whether your company is small or big, you can expect the same level of service
from our people. This remarkable team is the foundation of our success.